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About Us

What makes us the best choice…

We offer our clients a snapshot of the market and propose expert opinions on the best Cryptocurrency within the current market.

Our ethos however is that many coins are not actual currency rather digital assets that claim to offer a solution to real world problems.

Unfortunately, as we are still in the infancy stage of this emerging market, there are many coins that are not fit for purpose within the market and are only operating purely based on speculation not utility, when using our service, we will show you how determine which of those coins are not worthy within the market, preventing costly human error.

We believe for a Cryptocurrency to be sustainable in the long term the currency must overcome a real-world problem via the Blockchain Technology.

Unfortunately, out of the 2500 coins currently on the market 90% of these are merely driving their price up by mirroring Bitcoins charts and speculation, they have no real sustainable purpose within the market. However, the coins that we are heavily bullish and regard highly will change many industries and cause price explosions.

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