Crypto Consults | Fees and Reviews
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Fees and Reviews

  • Standard Package

  • £1953 Hour Consultation
  • This includes access to our extensive knowledge of the crypto market and advise on the top performing cryptos.

    Not only will we share our extensive knowledge with you, but we will also show you how to evaluate which exchanges give the most competitive value, thus maximising your investment.

    We will then provide you with the knowledge of how to hold your investment securely and the best methods to safeguard your coin portfolio from hackers.

    Not only do we provide you with the three-hour consultation to begin with, but we also provide you long term guidance, we are only a phone call away.

  • Complete Package-

  • £2453 Hour Consultation + Purchasing
  • For an additional £50 we can purchase coins on your behalf upto £1000. Higher purchases will be subject to an addional 5% charge. This service allows you peace of mind that the coins will be bought at the best rate and you do not have to work through the diverse, complex exchange markets.

What Is Bitcoin And Can You Make Money?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which allows users to trade without the need of a central bank or middle man, through the use of blockchain technology. The first price of 1 Bitcoin was around $0.008 in 2008, it peaked to $19,700 per Bitcoin in January 2017. Based on those maths if you had invested $100 dollars at the start you would be worth approximately $25 billion. The price of Bitcoin is expected to rise further due to its presence as a ‘digital gold’ for many investors.

Compared to other asset classes we are still in the early stages of this revolutionary industry, therefore there is plenty of room for explosive growth.

Do I Have Access To My Coins? And How Do I Cash Out My Profits?

Yes you are always in control of you coins. We do not hold any coins for our clients, however we do offer a service  where we buy the coins on your behalf and send them to your personal wallet. We show you how to set up a secure wallet, and should you want to take some profits out an any time our team are on board to assist you.

Can I Track My Investment To See How Much Its Worth ?

Yes. All of the wallets we suggest to keep your coins safe have a counter on the side, so you can see exactly how much your coins are worth. We also show you market charts to follow, so you can see price activity and trends 24 hours a day.

Is There An Aftercare Service?

We pride ourselves on our aftercare service. At no extra cost we will let you know if there is any major market activity, alerting you of any major spikes in price. All of our clients are welcome to contact the team 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and there is no additional charge for this consultation. Your only pay a one off fee.

Where Do I Keep My Investment , Are They Safe?

Coins are kept in wallets by investors and they are the only one to access their wallet and hold their passwords and private keys. It is up to the individual investor to keep these safe. Many wallets are free and easily accessible; however, some are imitations that are prone to hacking. It is important that you do your own research on which wallets to keep your investment in. Here at The Crypto Consults we have a pool of reputable wallets to choose from that our team regularly use. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure the wallet is set up correctly and securely.

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