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Three Hour Consultation.

Your fee includes an intense three hour consultation which will give you all of the knowledge you need to know not just about cypto currency but also includes a how to guide of building your own portfolio.

Dedicated Aftercare Team

Our service includes access to our dedicated aftercare team, they are available 7 days a week 10am-6pm to answer any questions or queries you may have at no extra charge.

Additional hours on request.

Diverse Client Base

We offer support and consultations to every type of investor. Whether you are a first-time investor in the crypto world or a seasoned trader, our expertise in the digital space will make it easy to purchase your choice of coin safely and securely at the lowest fee.

Market Analysis

We will send you monthly updates via email of the constantly evolving crypto market at no extra charge.

Our most bullish coin?

Xrp is the crypto we regard the highest off all, it is of my opinion that this coin will return the highest gains. I am confident that however much you invest you will make around 20 times your original investment based on the current market price.

Xrp is a crypto that enables cross border payments to be made marginally faster than the current system in place- SWIFT. When sending money abroad it currently on average takes 3 days and 10 percent of your transferred funds in fees. With xrp it averagely takes 5 seconds and the cost of transaction is around 0.0003 percent of your transferred funds, meaning xrp will save the average bank around 40 billion pounds a year.

XRP have currently signed up over 100 banks including Standard Charter, Santander and PNC which is one of the top 10 banks in America, these banks are very close to implementing the software and once the software has been implemented the price of xrp will skyrocket.

Why choose us?

It is of our opinion that the most important part of our consultancy is teaching you to correctly store your coins and provide you with the knowledge of passphrases, recovery phrases and back up phrases to protect your investment.

Our services include a detailed  guided tuition of how to store and back up your portfolio wallet, it is of extreme importance that you are provided with this knowledge, if you where to lose access and not have the above steps in place you would be locked out of your portfolio wallet with no access to your funds.

It is of our recommendation that you use a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano S for extra security, our services also include a guide of how to operate this device.

Interested in what we offer? Get in touch below!